For budgeting purposes, don't forget to include charities you intend to donate to, as well as people that you will want to tip, such as your hairdresser, babysitter, housekeeper, etc. Some people include the cost of home decorations (like trees and wreaths), holiday cards and postage, and meals/entertaining costs, as well. Once you add up the total budgeted amount, tweak individual amounts accordingly so that you arrive at a budget amount that is manageable for you.

Pro tip: If you find that you tend to overspend, consider purchasing gift cards from the stores you shop at most often for your recipients and then use those cards to pay for your purchases. That way, when the gift card balance gets to $0, you're done!

  • Buy as much as you can online and take advantage of free shipping. What could be less stressful than lounging in your sweats on your sofa, doing your shopping from your laptop? But before clicking on the "Submit My Order" icon on the checkout page, always go first to an online coupon site like or to see if there are any promo codes or coupons you can use to get a discount or free shipping on your order.

Pro tip: On December 17th this year ("Free Shipping Day"), more than 1,000 merchants with online stores will offer free shipping as well as other discounts with guaranteed delivery by December 24th. For a listing of participating merchants, go to

  • Hold on to those receipts. As you purchase gifts, stash the receipts in one envelope that you keep in your purse, wallet, or briefcase. For items you purchase online, be sure to print out the receipts with shipping information and put them in there, as well. This will come in handy should there be a problem with delivery, or if you need to return/exchange the gift after the holiday.
  • Avoid the post office on Saturdays and Mondays. In December, Saturdays and Mondays are busy days at the post office; if you go there to mail packages or buy stamps, be prepared to wait in long lines. Try going instead on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays, if at all possible.

Pro tip: This year, the U.S. Postal Service recommends mailing holiday cards by December 20th in order to arrive by Christmas Eve. For domestic priority mail packages, the deadline is December 21st; for domestic express mail packages, the cutoff is December 22nd.

How about you, readers? What tips do you use to minimize your holiday gift shopping stress?

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