If the answer is “no,” then your options include the following:

  • Cancel the newspaper altogether, or subscribe only Monday through Saturday, to keep the Sunday magazine and comics section from entering your home in the first place.  If, one Sunday, you have the time and inclination to read those sections, you can always buy the Sunday issue on the newsstand.
  • Consider switching your home-delivery paper subscription to a digital one and read the articles you want on your computer, e-reader or tablet.

If, however, the answer is “yes” and you truly do enjoy reading the comics and doing the puzzles, your options include the following:

  • Write a “recycle by” date on each magazine and comics section (for example, the following Friday).  Promise yourself that if you have not gotten to those sections by the date you indicated, you will put them in the recycling bin.
  • Tear out just the puzzle page(s) of each week’s magazine and save only the comics section. A few pages will take up less space than an entire magazine or newspaper
  • Do the option above and then place the puzzle pages in an envelope or file folder (along with a pen or pencil) that you put in your briefcase, purse, or car, for the next time you have time to kill (e.g., when commuting on the train, waiting at an airport, sitting in a doctor’s or auto mechanic’s waiting area).

How about you, readers?  What techniques do you use to manage your “to read” pile?

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Coming next time:  How can I get my kids into a routine for going back to school so that our mornings are less crazed?

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